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20170324 - Hannah Pethen: Discovering Ancient Egypt from Space - 24 March 2017 - 9:30 - Stream 1

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Hannah Pethen: Discovering Ancient Egypt from Space


Classifications: Enabled, Events Not to be missed, Upcoming Excursions

Provider: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences



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Date: 24 March 2017

Start Time: 9:30

End Time: 10:15

Duration: 45 minutes

Closing Date: Bookings Close 23-Mar-17

Availability: DEC and Non-DEC

DEC Positions: 5

Non-DEC Positions: 5

Price: Free

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Event Overview: Using satellite imagery to find new sites that are hidden in plain sight. Vegetation and soil hide these ruins like custodians of the past making it feel like looking like a needle in a haystack to find these ruins. Meet Hannah, an expert in using imagery in her own archeological work to find the sites that have remained hidden for centuries. Hannah applies her hi-tech toolkit to research ancient Egyptian mines and quarries.

Her research interests include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), archaeological and topographic survey, terrain modelling, Egyptian quarrying and mining sites, urban archaeology, and the use of satellite imagery in archaeology. Following her PhD research into visibility and landscape at Egyptian quarries, she is currently researching the landscape, visibility and roads of the ancient Egyptian quarry at Hatnub and the landscape of the ancient Greek city of Olynthos, using GIS.

Join to this video conferencing event to find how how doing archeology from space works and ask all the questions you didn’t even know you had.

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