Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama 19th March 2:00pm (AEDT)

  • Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama 19th March 2:00pm (AEDT) - Image 1
  • Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama 19th March 2:00pm (AEDT) - Image 2
  • Aboriginal Perspectives of Bennelong Point: Guwanyi Walama 19th March 2:00pm (AEDT) - Image 3

This oral history from the Aboriginal perspective will have students imagining this iconic Sydney place from creation time and the ancestral spirits who formed the landscape, to pre-settlement and the arrival of the First Fleet. Students will learn about the daily life of the clan that inhabited Sydney Cove, including the fishing rites, oyster beds, and the connection between the Gadigal people and the land of Tubowgule.

You will also hear of the changes that came with the arrival of Governor Phillip, the struggles of the early settlers and the fascinating story of the man called Bennelong.

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Excursion Details

Provider Provider Sydney Opera House
Presenter Presenter Sydney Opera House
Contact Details Contact Details creativelearning@sydneyoperahouse.com 9250 7770
Date & Time Date & Time 19-Mar-2020 14:00
Duration Duration 45 Minutes
Bookings Close Bookings Close 20 March 2020
Availability Availability DEC: 3 Positions Available Non-DEC: 3 Positions Available
Price Price Free
Stage 2,Stage 3
Year 3,Year 4,Year 5,Year 6
Human Society and its Environment
Aboriginal Studies
The Past in the Present; Community and Remembrance; First Contacts; The Australian Colonies; Australia as a Nation; People and Places; The Earth and Environment; A Diverse and Connected World

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