Ishmael Digital Live Stream (5-12) 9th December 1:15pm (AEST)

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On the resource depleted earth of a distant future, young Ishmael joins the crew of MV Pequod – a mining vessel on a mission to the asteroid belt. But when a legendary white comet returns to the solar system from deep space, the ship’s captain, Ahab, pledges to chase it down regardless of the cost. With her shipmates deaf to her concerns, Ishmael plots a return to earth until MV Pequod catches up with its quarry and she’s launched into the fight of her life.

A contemporary space opera, Ishmael recasts earth’s no-longer-vastoceans with the immensity of space, and the endless possibilities and terrors it holds. Taking the form of a live film, the production weaves miniature sets, puppetry, performers and an original score to bring the story to life in front of the audience. Following the world premiere at Brisbane Festival, Ishmael is the latest work by the internationally acclaimed Dead Puppet Society who lend their trademark magic to Melville’s beloved classic.

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Provider Provider Sydney Opera House
Presenter Presenter Sydney Opera House
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Date & Time Date & Time 09-Dec-2020 13:00
Duration Duration 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Bookings Close Bookings Close 10 December 2020
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